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Seburg Properties entered the short-term rental space in 2020 and hasn't looked back since.

Our team is passionate about creating an immersive vacation experience for our guests that comes with 5-star customer service from start to finish.

  • Email list of over 3,000 local guests
  • Placement on our website for direct booking
  • Personalized approach to communication
About Us
About Us
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Email list of over 3,000 local guests

We have an ever-growing email list of guests that your property will get immediate access to under our property management.

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Placement on our website for direct booking

We encourage direct bookings whenever possible. You will get access to our direct booking platform immediately after we start together.

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Personalized approach to communication

Our approach is professional, but fun, excited, and concise. We don't have scripts that we share, we share human emotion in a manner that has proven 5-star results.

We Have added a new exciting feature in v2.0

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Forming Work Teams.

Seburg Properties FAQs

That depends on your package, but most basic packages include all guest communication, property management, restocking supplies, cleaner management, & financial reporting. You can add or remove from that list as is needed.

All disposables are included. Furniture, blankets, and capitol expenses are the responsibility of the property owner.

Most of the time yours. There are some instances that we will build you a new Airbnb profile and run it under our name instead.

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