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We partner with investors of all income levels to grow their investments.

If you've ever been interested in investing in Real Estate, this could be a great opportunity. We partner with two types of investors.

  1. Individuals looking to buy a vacation home and not have to pay for, or manage it.
  2. Investors looking to passively invest in real estate deals that offer great returns over 1-5 year timelines.

The shapes & sizes of these deals vary greatly depending on your interest. If you're looking to grow your money passively, we might be a great fit. If you want to learn more, sign up for Mike's bi-weekly emails below.

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Sign up to receive our emails at the form above. Mike sends out bi-weekly updates on deals that we have coming into the pipeline. Typical deal timelines are 1-5 years and returns vary per deal. All of our deals are forecasted to beat typical stock & retirement investments and are based on hard assets (houses) that can be sold for liquidity.

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