At Seburg Properties, we know that one of the key factors in attracting guests to your short-term rental is creating a comfortable, welcoming, and stylish space. That’s why we offer interior design services to help you transform your rental property into a beautiful and functional space that guests will love.

Our interior design services are tailored to short-term rental owners’ unique needs and goals. We understand that your rental property needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical for guests without costing you a fortune. Our team of experienced interior designers will work with you to create a design plan that meets your specific requirements and budget.

Our interior design services include:

  1. Design consultation: We’ll work closely with you to understand your vision for your short-term rental and develop a design plan that reflects your style and preferences.

  2. Furniture selection and placement: We’ll create a comprehensive list of furniture items needed to fully furnish your rental property, including links for quick and easy ordering. Our team will also provide guidance on furniture placement to optimize the space for guests.

  3. Decor and accessory selection: We’ll help you select the perfect decor and accessories to complement your rental property’s design style and enhance the guest experience.

  4. Lighting design: We’ll create a lighting plan that illuminates your rental property in a way that enhances the ambiance and functionality of each space.

  5. Budget management: We’ll work with you to establish a budget and ensure that our design plan stays within your financial parameters.

"The design fits the theme I requested perfectly. I would have never chosen some of the pieces that wound up being my favorites when they were all together!"

Our interior design services are delivered through a convenient Google Sheet that includes each item needed to fully furnish a new short-term rental, with links for quick ordering. This makes it easy for you to review and approve the design plan, and to order furniture and decor items with just a few clicks.

At Seburg Properties, we’re committed to helping short-term rental owners create beautiful, functional spaces that attract guests and generate revenue. With our interior design services, you can be confident that your rental property will stand out in a competitive market and provide guests with an unforgettable experience.